Grade Configurations

Carroll ISD's Current Grade Configuration

Elementary Schools - Kindergarten through 4th Grades*

Intermediate Schools - 5th and 6th Grades

Middle Schools - 7th and 8th Grades

High School - 9th and 10th Grades

Sr. High School - 11th and 12th Grades

* The district operates a blended preschool program for three and four-year-olds at three of its five elementary campuses: Carroll, Old Union and Rockenbaugh Elementary Schools.

Administration To Study Grade Configuration Options

The School Board has tasked the Administration to study other possible grade configurations in an effort to successfully accomplish the Strategic Plan while ensuring the efficient utilization of existing classroom space. The Superintendent and his Administrative team will be studying the impact grade configuration changes might have on the academic program.

One of the scenarios that will be studied is a K-5 system, with sixth graders either at a separate facility or housed with middle school students. In order for this to work with existing facilities, Durham Intermediate and all the existing elementary schools would have to become K-5 schools. Eubanks Intermediate could either be used to house all of the district's sixth graders or Eubanks could be "merged" with Dawson Middle to create a 6-7-8 grade campus. A building addition to make Carroll Middle School a 6-7-8 grade campus would need to be constructed.

Why not make this decision now?

The CNPC plan gives CISD flexibility to study the grade configuration issue further. While alternative grade configurations may offer facility solutions for CISD, there are also significant implications for the academic and instructional program, as well as staffing and certifications. In addition, a change to the grade configuration district-wide would require significant rezoning. The Administration did not believe that a facility committee should make recommendations for grade configurations based solely on the need for classroom space. This major decision should be studied carefully by an academic and administrative committee before a final recommendation is made to the School Board. Ultimately, changes in the configuration can only be made by a majority vote of the Carroll School Board.