Facility Planning Process

Create Project Lists (Ongoing)

Carroll ISD's Facility Planning process began with project identification by district administrators and budget managers.

Develop Strategic Plan (2014-2015)

While school officials were identifying various capital improvement projects, the School Board seated a Strategic Planning Committee to develop and update the district's mission, vision, goals and strategic objectives.

Work With Capital Needs Committee (2015-2016)

Once the School Board adopted the Strategic Plan in 2015, they seated a Capital Needs Planning Committee. This group of citizens, parents and school employees spent the 2015-2016 school year visiting Carroll facilities, touring neighboring districts and comparing identified project lists with the lists put together by CISD administrators and budget managers.

The CNPC's Recommendation to the School Board was presented on June 6, 2016.

Price Out Potential Projects (summer 2016)

John Haugen, facility planning consultant from Natex Architects, spent the summer reviewing the CNPC Recommendation and pricing out potential projects.

Make Facility Planning Presentations (fall 2016)

The Administration is in the process of making Public Presentations on the proposed project list to answer any questions citizens might have about the projects and to provide website links, printed materials and video presentations.

Collect Community Input (winter 2016/2017)

Surveying of the community is essential to identifying what information voters might need before making a decision during a bond election. Survey results will be made available to the Board of Trustees and to the general public.

Recommend Bond Election (Early 2017)

The Administration will consider all the community input and make a recommendation for proposition(s) for a potential bond election.

Call Bond Election (February 2017)

Carroll Trustees would have to call the bond election by a vote in early February (for a May 2017 election) or early August (for a November 2017 election).

Conduct Bond Election (May 2017)

This step of the Facility Planning process involves voters casting a ballot to determine if they support or oppose individual propositions on the bond election ballot.

What if the bond election passes?

If the bond election passes, CISD would hire an architect to begin working on the bond projects and spend the next 2-3 years completing projects approved by voters.

What if the bond election fails?

If the bond election does not pass, CISD would have to either do without the projects, identify and prioritize projects using other funding sources, and/or come back to voters with a revised bond package at a future election.