Enrollment & Demographic Projections

Current Enrollment

Carroll's enrollment has grown steadily over the past several years. The district currently has about 8,300 students at 11 campuses. 

2017-2018 Enrollment

2016-2017 Enrollment

Demographic Report

Carroll ISD utilizes the services of Templeton Demographics for student enrollment and demographic analysis. The Templeton Demographics’ team has been calculating enrollment projections for the past 16 years. TD serves over 50 school districts annually by providing enrollment projections, attendance zone planning and GIS mapping.

School officials have recently contracted with Templeton Demographics to update the district's enrollment projections.

Fall 2015 Demographic Update

Fall 2016 Demographic Update

Fall 2017 Demographic Update

Current Functional Capacities & Projections for Carroll Schools

Elementary CampusCapacityCurrent 2018-20192019-2020
Carroll Elementary639596616636
Walnut Grove Elementary721715684702
Johnson Elementary560660714727
Old Union Elementary441472473476
Rockenbaugh Elementary577543534532
Durham Intermediate849680773807
Eubanks Intermediate688590592600
Carroll Middle 840734732746
Dawson Middle846628649637
Carroll High 1,5551,3921,3621,410
Carroll Senior High1,5441,3491,3281,349