Community Input/Surveys

Online 2016 Facility Survey Results

Carroll ISD conducted an online survey about the work of the Capital Needs Planning Committee and the projects identified for a potential bond election in 2017. 

The survey link was sent directly to all CISD parents and staff using the email addresses they provided in Skyward Family Access. Citizens/Voters who reside in CISD but do not have a child currently attending CISD were mailed a postcard announcing the survey, with detailed directions how to obtain a survey link.  

2016 Facility Survey Summary Presentation - Presented to CISD School Board January 9, 2017.

For a copy of CISD Survey results, contact the Board & Community Relations Department.

Why did taxpayers have to request a link?

Carroll ISD simply doesn't have the email addresses of individual taxpayers, but we did want to hear their opinion. In turn, we didn't want to post a survey link online where the public and others not associated with Carroll ISD could influence responses on the survey.

Questions center on the work of the four CNPC subcommittees and the projects identified by each group:

  • Capital Improvement/Building Use
  • Technology
  • Maintenance/Transportation/Safety & Security
  • Extra-curricular/Co-curricular.

The survey was not a scientific survey, but rather a survey designed to give every parent, employee and CISD taxpayer a voice in providing feedback before the Administration makes its recommendation to the School Board. Result percentages are shown for all respondents (black boxes) and taxpayers only (green boxes).

Have a Question or Comment to Share With CISD?

Carroll ISD always accepts comments, input and questions related to topics important to our students, staff and taxpayers. If you have a question about Facility Planning or any other topic in Carroll ISD, visit main web page and click on the red Let's Talk bar on the right side of the page. You can submit a comment or a question at any time. The Let's Talk dialogue feature is also available not the district's website at