Attendance Zones & Rezoning

NOTE: Carroll ISD is not currently recommending any attendance zone changes for 2017-2018.

Attendance zone changes, when they are necessary, are voted on by the seven elected members of the Carroll ISD Board of Trustees. Attendance zones changes can happen at any time during or before a school year, but are typically not made without CISD first making community presentations and obtaining feedback from parents.

School officials review enrollment projections annually in an effort to stay ahead of student growth and ensure there is sufficient classroom space for the approaching school year. Sometimes short-term solutions are used to manage through the growth temporarily. For instance, the district currently has portable buildings at both Carroll Elementary and Johnson Elementary. These classrooms are set up on campus for 2-3 years until additional classroom space becomes available or attendance zones change.

When the district considers possible attendance zone changes, it does not mean changes to the district's outside borders. Attendance zone changes, when they are proposed, affect the interior borders dividing the existing school district up into zones for each elementary, intermediate and middle school.

Open Enrollment

CISD does allow the children of employees, the grandchildren of CISD residents and the children of City of Southlake residents to attend Carroll schools under the district's open enrollment policy. Unless your child falls into one of those categories, you cannot apply for open enrollment.

CISD does not provide transportation for open enrollment/transfer students. Per the state of Texas, students attending CISD on open enrollment must apply annually.

Current Attendance Zone Maps

District Outside Boundary Map - School district outer boundaries are independent of city lines. Carroll ISD consists primarily of homes in City of Southlake, but the district also encompasses small sections of Grapevine, Colleyville, Westlake and Keller.

Elementary Attendance Zones - Carroll ISD is currently divided into five elementary zones.

Intermediate Attendance Zones - Students north of FM 1709 attend Durham Int.; Students south of FM 1709 attend Eubanks Int.

Middle School Attendance Zones - Students north of FM 1709 attend Carroll MS; Students south of FM 1709 attend Dawson MS.

High School - All 9th/10th graders attend Carroll High; All 11th/12th graders attend Carroll Sr. High

Intra-district Transfer Policy

Carroll ISD does have an intra-district transfer policy which allows students to attend a CISD school outside of their home attendance zone if space permits. CISD does not provide transportation for intra-district transfers. An example might be a student who lives in the Durham Intermediate School zone whose parents request the child attend Eubanks Intermediate School. 

Carroll ISD has students who take advantage of the Intra-district Transfer Policy at every campus.

To learn more about this policy, visit the Intra-district Policy link.