CNPC Background

During the 2015-2016 school year, the Carroll ISD Administration created a Capital Needs Planning Committee (CNPC) using a cross-section of CISD citizens and campus staff liaisons to study facility, safety, technology, transportation, maintenance and other needs in an effort to develop a Capital Needs Plan that will serve the district’s children for the future.

Planning Committee’s Charge

The planning committee was charged to serve in an advisory capacity to the School Board and Administration on a temporary basis regarding the topic of capital needs.

Committee’s Objectives

  • Study existing demographic data and future projections for student enrollment;
  • Tour district facilities and assess capital improvement needs in consultation with CISD staff;
  • Identify any additional needs required of the district to effectively carry out its mission and/or the Strategic Plan.
  • Review Carroll ISD’s current and projected financial situation, considering all factors, including but certainly not limiting CISD to: a school bond election; attendance rezoning, new construction, building additions, temporary facilities and/or any other options for addressing safety or technology; and
  • Make a final recommendation for action as part of a Capital Needs Plan to the CISD School Board and Administration.

Committee’s Composition

  • Two representatives from each attendance zone at K-6 schools as follows:
  • One member of the school’s staff to serve as a campus liaison
  • One parent who is not an employee but has a child attending that school
  • Three representatives from each attendance zone at 7-12 schools as follows:
  • One member of the school’s staff to serve as campus liaison
  • Two parents who are not employees but have a child attending that school
  • Eleven appointees from the community at large as follows:
  • Two members of the business or corporate community
  • Two residential taxpayers with current CISD students
  • Seven citizen members appointed by the Board of Trustees


Committee Membership Selection Process

Campus principals will facilitate the selection process at the attendance zone level from a pool of volunteers through a consensus process working with the campus site-based team.

The Superintendent and his Cabinet will facilitate the appointment of the at-large members from the business and residential community.

Each Board Trustee will appoint one citizen member.

Candidates through the Board Advisory Committee application process will be considered as needed.

All selected participants must agree to serve prior to October 2, 2015


Committee Leadership

The committee will be led by co-chairpersons selected by the Superintendent and School Board President.

The Administration recommends that co-chairs be citizens and not employees of CISD and that they represent separate regions of the district (i.e. north of FM 1709 and south of FM 1709) 

The ultimate responsibility for action regarding district capital needs planning lies solely with the seven elected members of the Board of Trustees. Carroll ISD is committed, however, to seeking grassroots community and staff input while considering all options for fiscal support of the Board’s final decision.