Tax Rate Information & History

Carroll's Tax Rate Among Lowest In County

Carroll ISD's tax rate is the sixth lowest of 21 Tarrant County Public School Districts.

The local tax rate has decreased by 63.5 cents since 2005-2006.

Tax Rate Basics

Each year, Carroll ISD’s tax rate is proposed in August and adopted in September for the September 1 – August 31 fiscal year.

The tax rate consists of two components:

The Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Rate funds the annual operations of the district – salaries, supplies, utilities, etc. Currently at $0.97 per $100 valuation, the first $0.93 of the tax rate is equalized under the State’s school finance formula with the district sending “Recaptured” funds back to the State under the Robin Hood system. Monies generated by the other adopted four cents stay entirely in CISD. With a vote of the citizens, the M&O rate can be a maximum of $1.068.

The Interest and Sinking (I&S) Rate funds the repayment principal and interest of bond issuances approved by voters with a maximum rate of $0.50 per $100 valuation. The bond issuances fund capital needs such as building construction, buses, technology networks, and refresh cycles of computer equipment.

Exemptions for Homestead, Over 65, and Disabled are provided and administered by the Tarrant Appraisal District as well as Frozen Tax Payments for Over 65 homeowners. Carroll ISD provides an additional $35,000 “Over 65” exemption beyond the State minimum $25,000.