Robin Hood & Historical Chapter 41 Payments

Recapture for Property-Wealthy Districts

Carroll ISD is a property-wealthy, now called Chapter 49 (Robin Hood) district. This means that the school funding formula caps the amount of property value tax collections that Carroll ISD can keep on the M&O side of the budget. Any value increases above the state-set cap, do not go to benefit Carroll ISD.

In order for Carroll to spend $1 on the M&O side of the budget, the district must tax local residents $1.40. CISD keeps the $1 and the state recaptures 40 cents on every dollar collected.

Robin Hood recapture does not affect the I&S budget. Therefore, when CISD makes a purchase on the I&S side, it's $1 spent for $1 collected.

From 2001 to the current budget, Carroll ISD's total recapture payments are $304.5 million. As a result of the school finance system and growing services for CISD students, the district adopted a deficit budget for 2019-2020. Fortunately, CISD Administrators hope to manage out of the deficit budget scenario this year. Any deficit at the end of the year, is covered by Fund Balance.

Historical Robin Hood Payments (2001-Present)