Since the May 2017 Bond Election passed, will my tax rate go up?

Carroll ISD does not intend to raise the tax rate to pay for 2017 bond projects. The district's financial advisor anticipates that the district can issue this bond debt without having to increase the local tax rate. This means that the district could layer in the new debt and Trustees would not have to increase the Interest & Sinking (I&S) tax rate. 

Who sets the value for my house?

Carroll ISD does not have a say in the value of individual homes. Values are set by the Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD).

When was the district's last bond election?

Voters approved a $208 million bond program in May 2017. These projects will take 3-5 years to complete and involve new construction and/or renovations at every CISD facility. To learn more, visit Project Updates.

The district's last voter-approved bond election was eight years ago in May 2009. Since then, the Board of Trustees voted several times to refinance existing debt, saving local taxpayers millions. The district tax rate has actually decreased since 2009.

If Trustees had not called a bond election, what would have happened to the local tax rate?

If there had been no bond election or the election had failed, the tax rate would have dropped and school officials would not have had enough I&S funds available to construct new facilities or maintain existing facilities. If I&S funds are not available through a bond election, school officials must utilize Maintenance & Operations funds to complete HVAC and maintenance projects, in addition to purchases to operate schools like school buses, technology and safety projects. District officials would not have had enough funds available in the operating budget to complete all the projects identified by the citizen and staff committee. Therefore some projects would not happen, while others would have to be paid for out of the operating budget. This would require either a larger deficit, or program or budget cuts to ensure enough money to make the Robin Hood payment and maintain facilities.

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