Adopted Budget

The Carroll School Board adopted the 2019-2020 school budget on August 26, 2019.

Total Revenues - $117,491,430

Total Expenditures - $121,006,549

Total Deficit - $3,515,119

NOTE:  Carroll ISD has been working to reduce the overall operating deficit and expects to manage out of the current operating deficit by fiscal year end. If an operating deficit remains, Fund Balance will be used to cover the difference.

2019-2020 Budget Information

Expenditures Per Student Including Robin Hood/TIFZ Payment -  $14,231
(While you may see this figure on the state website, it isn't a true reflection of expenditures per student because Robin Hood dollars are not spent locally on CISD students)

Expenditures Per Student Excluding Robin Hood/TIFZ Payment -  $9,886

State Funding Per Student (based on Weighted Average Daily Attendance) - $6,033

Operating Deficit Per Student - $413

2019-2020 Adopted Budget

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