Technology Projects

The projects included in the 2017 Bond Program are either considered general technology or they have been broken down into these four categories:

The Bond Program not only included $45 million specifically estimated for technology districtwide, it also includes additional funds under capital improvements, new additions and building-specific projects that are earmarked for technology.

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Completed Technology Projects

Palo Alto Firewall (Infrastructure)

The 2017 Bond Program included funds to refresh Carroll ISD’s network infrastructure. Included in this network refresh plan is the upgrading of the firewalls at both district data centers. The existing firewalls were old and not able to pass through the internet speeds that are necessary for CISD's current internet connections. The existing firewalls were creating a bottleneck in the network and were not allowing users to utilize CISD's full internet connection speed. As the district moves toward adding more student devices, the firewall speed will be essential in allowing faster internet for educational resources. The new Palo Alto firewalls provide the speed CISD needs to stay current for the next five years. 

The firewall project included configuration and installation at each of the district's two data centers. The project cost $610,728 and was completed before the 2017-2018 school year started. This project came in under the original estimated budget.

IronPort Email Security Server (Infrastructure)

The 2017 Bond Program included funds to update and expand CISD network infrastructure. Throughout both the Strategic Planning Committee and the Capital Needs Planning Committee, members shared the need to “Refresh datacenter servers.” For email filtering, Carroll ISD uses Cisco’s IronPort Email Security Server to protect the district from fraudulent and spam emails. Blocking these emails is crucial to protect CISD’s information and resources. IronPort is a long-time leader in email filtering and security. Gartner (IT research advisors) has ranked IronPort as a leader in email security and placed them in the “Magic Quadrant.” CISD’s existing IronPort server was eight years old and struggling to process large email attachments in a timely manner. Cisco has set “End of Life” for the model of IronPort CISD used to be July 31, 2017. During the Bond Planning process, the Technology Department budgeted $85,613 funds to refresh the IronPort server.

The email security server project included installation at one of the district's two data centers. The project cost $57,008 which includes five years of security software updates and support. The project was completed prior to the start of the 2017-2018 school year. This project came in under the original estimated budget. 

Installation of Network Cabling (Infrastructure)

The 2017 Bond Program included funds to update and expand CISD network infrastructure. As part of the updated classroom design, the increasing number of wireless access points, and the increase of security cameras, there is ongoing need to add network cabling at all campuses. The 2017 cabling project includes installation at four secondary campuses: Carroll High School, Carroll Senior High School, Dawson Middle School, and Carroll Middle School. Other campus network cabling projects will be started at a later time. CISD Technology procured quotes from several vendors to install the network cabling, to include: network drops, updated patch panels, and cable termination. Network cabling will be installed in accordance with the Educational Standards document previously shared with the board.

The cabling project at Dawson Middle School was the first to be completed and was accomplished in the summer of 2017. The cabling project at Carroll Senior High was completed in November 2017. Cabling projects at the other two secondary schools were completed in early 2018. The cost of the cabling project for these four secondary schools is $227,571.

Wireless Access Points (WAP)

The 2017 Bond Program included funds to update and expand CISD network infrastructure. Throughout both the Strategic Planning Committee, and the Capital Needs Planning Committee process, members shared the need for additional wireless access points throughout the district. In visiting other school districts, committee members saw the standard in education as one access point per classroom. Carroll ISD has had one access point in every other classroom. During the Bond Planning process the Technology Department budgeted for Wireless Access Points (WAPS). These additional WAPs are essential for CISD’s planned roll out of student devices. Students at secondary campuses are scheduled to receive devices during the 2018-2019 school year. K-6 campuses are scheduled to receive devices during the 2019-2020 school year. In order for the additional student devices to function properly, CISD needs adequate wireless internet access in every classroom. This project will replace all outdated WAPs and add access points in
classrooms that currently do not have access on secondary campuses. Intermediate and elementary classrooms will get WAP improvements the following year prior to receiving their devices.

The Carroll School Board approved the purchase of additional WAPs at their July 10, 2017 meeting. The cost of this project is $370,000. Installation was completed in the spring of 2018.

Network Servers (Infrastructure)

The 2017 Bond Program included funds to refresh Carroll ISD’s data systems. Included in this data systems refresh plan is the purchase of new servers at both district data centers. The existing servers are 6-7 years old. These older servers are not able to be updated and cannot run all of the current generation virtual server software. Keeping the district’s data centers operating efficiently is a crucial part of many services throughout the district. The new servers being purchased have a planned lifecycle of a minimum of five years. This purchase will refresh 78% of the district’s servers.

The new servers are a direct replacement of the current server system. Since district engineers are already experienced managing these types of systems, this upgrade will provide a simpler migration path with minimal downtime for users. This purchase includes five years of support, licensing, and maintenance.

The contract for the network server project was completed and installation began and was completed in the spring of 2018. The cost of the servers is $714,550.

Campus Broadcast Carts (General Technology)

Click here to watch an update from the Carroll Bond Builders Team

The 2017 Bond Program included funds to refresh Carroll ISD’s technology systems. Included in the technology systems refresh plan is the purchase of a new Broadcast Cart for each school. Campus Broadcast Carts are used to stream video from one location on the campus into every classroom. Broadcast Carts on many campuses stream student daily announcements regarding campus events or the lunch menu for the day. The existing Broadcast carts are 6+ years old. The previous carts were more complex and experienced ongoing maintenance issues, resulting in declining use. The Proof of Concept Broadcast Cart built and deployed at Johnson Elementary School received positive feedback from school staff. The bond funds provided new Campus Broadcast Carts for each of the district's 11 schools. The lifecycle of these carts is a minimum of five years.

The cart has the capability of saving the announcements to a network share for uploading to YouTube for parent viewing. To view an example of the JES morning announcements using the updated Campus Broadcast Cart, click here.

Trustees approved the bids for the new broadcast carts at their November 13, 2017 meeting, and installation is complete at all sites. Training continues at the district's middle schools. The cost for the all the carts was $96,645. This project came in under the original budgeted amount.

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Current/Ongoing Technology Projects

Classroom Audio Visual (AV) Presentation Systems (Teacher Workstations)

The 2017 Bond Program included funds to refresh Carroll ISD’s classroom technology systems. Included in the technology refresh plan is the purchase of a new classroom audio video (AV) equipment at all campuses. Carroll Technology plans to begin the classroom technology updates at the campuses with the oldest projectors. These campuses include Johnson Elementary School, Carroll Elementary School, Durham Intermediate Schools and Carroll High School. The new AV equipment includes: replacing Promethean boards, video switching, and classroom audio, in all classrooms. Currently the majority of classroom AV systems are 6+ years old. The aging Promethean boards have dim projectors making it difficult for students to view the learning materials. These aging AV systems also required frequent service. An original Proof of Concept classroom system was installed at the CISD Administration Center. Teachers were invited to tour the proposed solution and provide feedback on the new classroom AV designs. Teacher feedback was instrumental in developing CISD's final recommended solution.

Crux technology consultants reviewed and approved the final solution. The final design was installed at Johnson Elementary School and Durham Intermediate School to see how the system would function during regular classroom instruction. Teachers using the new solution provided feedback that they loved the simplicity and image quality of the new solution. The new classroom AV systems have a minimum of a five year lifecycle.

Our elementary campuses have selected an 86-inch interactive, touch-screen display on an electric stand. Teachers felt the importance of the ability to raise and lower the display to accommodate the younger students. At our secondary campuses an interactive projector works in conjunction with a white board giving teachers and students touch-screen capability.

The cost of this AV System project is $2,469,611. Installation at Johnson Elementary and Carroll Elementary Schools began in January 2018 and was completed in the spring of 2018; installation continues at Carroll High School and Durham Intermediate School.

Secondary Switch Refresh

To begin the process, the district will upgrade the LAN Fiber. With the addition of new more powerful wireless access points comes the need to upgrade the fiber connections between our switch closets. This upgrade will increase our backbone speeds from 10GB to 40GB, thus providing a crucial increase of data speeds needed for our upcoming student device rollout. Switch gear has been board approved, ordered and will begin delivery in June. Expected completion date is July 15.

Teacher/Staff Desktop and Laptop Refresh

The Carroll School Board approved this project April 2. The district will be replacing 948 Desktop Computers, 157 High Performance Desktops (for CTE courses), and 240 teacher laptops. These machines have all reached the end of their lifecycles.

Rollout of Additional Student Devices Districtwide

The Board approved the additional student devices on April 2. The district will be purchasing 4,040 Dell 3380 Laptop Computers for students in grades 7 through 12. Click the link provided for specific information regarding the Digital Dragons Program.

Secondary UPS Refresh

The district is currently seeking bids on this project.

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Future Technology Projects

  • Districtwide Campus Digital Signage
  • Cafeteria/Gym Sound System Upgrades
  • Districtwide Infrastructure Storage Space
  • Bell/Public Address System Upgrade
  • Campus Common Space Video Refresh
  • Makerspace and Collaborative Furniture Installation
  • Language Lab Installation & Upgrades
  • Surveillance Camera Upgrades & Additions
  • Administrative Conference Room Refresh

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